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AUUC NATIONAL Choral Seminar

April 7,8, and 9, 2023.

The Association of United Ukrainian Canadians hosted a Choral Seminar at the Ukrainian Labour Temple in Winnipeg Manitoba. 24 participants from across Canada, arrived in Winnipeg on Friday, April 7th and attended a Meet & Greet. Over the course of the next two days, participants were challenged to learn four pieces under the direction of Alexander Veprinskiy (Shevchenko Musical Ensemble, Toronto) and Pavel Rhyzlovsky (Vancouver Folk Orchestra, Vancouver). The pieces included:

Choir photo

The pieces included:

PISNYA PRO RIDNU ZEMLYU In this song the singers proclaim their love for their native land - the Ukraine, and swear their deepest allegiance to it.

MAMYNA VYSHNIA (Mother’s Cherry Tree) “Mother’s cherry tree in the garden weeps white petals of woe.” It brings memories of my mother, my home and my youth…
Music: A. Pashkevich, Lyrics: D. Lutsenko

LICHU V NEVOLI (I count the days and nights in Captivity) Shevchenko expresses his loneliness and despair while imprisoned in exile.
Music: D. Sichynsky, Lyrics: T. Shevchenko

ODNA KALYNA (Red Berry Bush) “Fate, take it all! But leave me one tree behind the window, one family at the table, one path that leads to my home, one love, one fate and the Ukraine, for other lands we have none…”
Music: V Kurovskiy, Lyrics: R. Kvinta

On Sunday, April 9th, participants showcased the pieces at a small informal concert and recording session. Following, participants concluded the seminar with a formal reception.

The National Performing Arts Committee of the Association of United Ukrainian Canadians would like to thank the National Committee for its continued support of our cultural programs.

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