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Association of United Ukrainian Canadians

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Association of United Ukrainian Canadians
товариство об'єднаних українців Канади


Poltava Ensemble Dancers

TThe Poltava Ensemble Dancers is a male and female adult ensemble who have a high level of technical training in Ukrainian dance as well as other dance genres such as classical and folk.

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Dovbush Dancers

The Dovbush Dancers are a vibrant Ukrainian Folk Dance Ensemble. Since 1962 they have built up an exquisite repertoire of dances, including the light and playful Pleskatch, the moving Hutsulsky Polonyni, and the extravagant Hopak. The ensemble takes its name from Oleksa Dovbush, the folk hero born in 1700 in the Carpathian Mountains. Known as Ukraine’s Robin Hood, Dovbush left a lasting mark on Ukrainian folklore.

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Hopak Dance Troupe

The Calgary Hopak Ensemble Dancers are a diverse and talented coed group of adult dancers who express their passion for Ukrainian heritage through dance. Our skill level ranges from dancers young in their career to over 20 years of experience, and many come from different forms/backgrounds of dance.

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Yunist Dance Ensemble

The Yunist Dance Ensemble is the senior dance group within the A.U.U.C Winnipeg Branch. This fun and energetic group strives to preserve the Canadian Ukrainian culture through dance.

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